Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cutest cowgirl in the West

If I did not already have Morgan's Halloween costume, then I would for sure have bought this. How cute is she. A happy surprise that her little outfit sort of goes with it.

Yes, I am this desperate for Morgan to have hair that I will result to yarn headbands.


Amanda said...

Where did you find that?

Ashley said...

It was at Joann's ETC. It was only $4.99. Are you going to have Laynie be a cowgirl? It would be so cute!

Tina said...

ahhhh... super cute! I swear, if you got your baby pic and put it next to Morgan's baby pic - you wouldn't be able to tell the difference!!

Bob & Danya said...

I love it! Morgan, you look great with or without hair! :)

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