Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween, Halloween, we love Halloween!

It is a little bit of old news now, but here is how our Halloween went.
We went out to Ryan's parents house and did some Trick or Treating with his Sister Tiffany and her son Capper. He was Buzz Lightyear. The boys were really cute together.
Joshua is a professional Trick or Treater now. He would ring the doorbell, thrust out his bag, get the candy, and then take off running for the next house. He kept saying, "Come on Capper!" because Capper was just not keeping the pace.

After the trick-or-treating we went back to Ryan's parents and ate some yummy Chalupa and just had a really nice time together as a family. Charlie and Misty and their kids were there as well as Nanna and Taisei. The kids played in one room and the adults were in the other. It was awesome!

Joshua and Capper decided to climb under Grandma Becky's old desk and play. Taisei was more into the awesome pink roller skates.

We didn't leave East Mesa until after 9pm! That is way too late for our kids, but everyone was having such a great time. All things considered, it was a pretty smooth car ride home and Morgan didn't scream the whole way.

Halloween 2008 is officially put to rest. I can't wait for next year when Morgan is walking around too. It will be great!

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