Monday, November 24, 2008

Allergy Test Round 2

Today we met with Morgan's new allergist and I liked her a lot. The Doctor at the same practice that we were referred to didn't have a single opening until January, so we went with the first available Doctor. She is very nice and I felt like she was really listening to me and answering my questions.

Little Miss got a skin test and she had a reaction to . . .
1. Milk
2. Eggs
3. Peanuts
4. Walnuts
Here's the proof!

Surprisingly she didn't have a reaction to soybean, which is what we had previously thought would be the most serious allergy.

Thankfully on a scale of 0 to 4 all of her reactions were a 1, except for eggs which was a 2. We have a prescription for an Epipen just in case and we have a fun video to watch about using the Epipen. They also gave us a practice pen so looks like we have a new toy for the Doctor kit.

We are going to test her again in 6 months and pray that the milk and peanut allergies have disappeared by then.

Morgan's birthday cake is going to be DELISH! Poor dear, I don't think she will notice though. I'll make a better one for the family to eat.

The skin test takes about 20 minutes and since we had already been in the appointment for 30 minutes, it was getting pretty boring. A bored blogger mommy means lots of pictures!! Here are two that I thought were the cutest.

One final story. The other day, I was changing Morgan's diaper and therefore she wasn't wearing any clothes. Joshua walks over and says, "Whoa, big belly!" Oh she is going to LOVE him when she gets older.


Tina said...

Epi-pens are fun... let me tell you! Hopefully you will never have to use it. I had to use it on one kid due to a MONDO peanut allergy... just remember to push REALLY REALLY hard... The practice pens don't do justice!

I swear Morgan is a mini-me of you! She is such a cutie! I will see you next week!

Nanna said...

I'm glad to hear it was nothing too serious! It still sucks to have allergies like that and I hope it goes away for her sake... Poor Morgan, although LOVE the picture with big smile on her face ;-) It was nice to see you all last week, see ya again on Saturday!!

azlabrat said...

Your little girl is soooo freaking adorable! (In response to your comment on my blog): I really didn't start blogging again until I went to that recipe exchange where you all were talking about I went home and put together my simple little blog...and I've sort of been stalking all the "So. Mnt Ward" blogs since's good to have a place to keep up...

Missy and Kevin said...

Poor thing! I'm glad she isn't severely allergic to those foods. She is so cute, I love her chubby cheeks:)

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