Thursday, November 20, 2008

The flu, allergies, other fun stuff

The last week has been pretty lame and so no blogging. Last Friday we went and saw Joel McHale at Celebrity Theater and it was hilarious. The only lame thing was that I spent the whole time using my Jedi mind tricks to not vomit everywhere. I made it until we got home and then let the flu commence.
Morgan has been teething and so she has been cranky with her nose running like a faucet. I took her to the Doctor to make sure she didn't have an ear infection and to talk to the doctor about her milk allergy. The doctor ordered a blood test and the results came in today. [Ominous doom music] Morgan showed a reaction to milk, egg whites, and peanuts.
We set up an appointment with an allergist and hopefully we can sort this whole thing out a little better. To date her milk allergy seems limited to a skin reaction, so we are praying that the peanut thing is just a false positive or very mild.

Should Jessica read this post. My heart has always gone out to you for all the struggles with Nora's severe allergies. I may be needing some tips on how you manage to not tear your hair out dealing with this stuff.

Lastly on the news front. My car is chirping and the Check Engine light has come on. So.... it looks like my car will be in the shop. Thankfully my awesome and retired mother has volunteered to help us out should the need arise.

I should say that not everything is lame. Yesterday I was able to finally punch my Official LDS Woman card by making dinner rolls from scratch. They are/were yummy too!


the cakes said...

I am so sorry to hear your news on little Morgan. First thing I can tell you is make sure you really have a good communication with your allergist. With babies that are this young - all the allergy tests and results are confusing and sometimes contradicting...SO FRUSTRATING. I really liked the allergist we saw in PHX. Dr. Rishi at AZ Allergy Associates. (On Thomas and 3rd st)
Nora is allergic to all those things and more! If you'd like to talk more, ask Danya for my phone number and/or email...since I don't need to post it for all of blog world to see!
Good luck - let's talk soon : )

Edna Guerrero Cole said...

First time I've seen your blog. Yay! Hopefully Morgan isn't severly allergic to those things. Best of luck!

Bob 'n Danya said...

Sorry to hear about the allergies (and the flu)! You've had alot to deal with lately! I hope Morgan outgrows the allergies quickly! It can happen!!!

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