Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thomas The Great Discovery

Before you say, I didn't know there was a Thomas movie in the theater, let me explain. There is a new Thomas DVD coming out in September and they were showing it in select theaters. Very, very, select theaters. We drove to Surprise, AZ to see it. For the month of July, the Ultrastar cinemas in Surprise was showing Thomas on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I didn't hear about it until mid-week, so Saturday was our only chance to go. It was Joshua's very first movie theater experience, and it was so awesome. He LOVED it!! I felt like a good Mommy that day. My parents also came and brought my niece Samantha. She's not quite as enthralled with Thomas as Joshua is, but she liked it too.
Morgan did well for the most part. She spent the 1.5 hours eating puffs, nursing, and sleeping. I was shocked I didn't have to take her out of the theater once. It didn't hurt it was a kids movie so I didn't feel obligated to take her out every time she made a peep.

Here is the funniest part of the trip. The theater we were in had a Dark Knight movie poster outside of it and only had a tiny scrolling marquee that said it was the Thomas movie. We got there about 1/2 hour earlier but when we walked in there were two men in the theater without any kids. We thought this was weird but whatever. I discovered that they were showing the Batman movie at the same time in a different theater. Later on, three elderly women came into the theater and even though there were plenty of seats made some stink about making people move so they could sit in the same row we were in. (You can put your feet up so I get it, but get there early enough then if it is so important.) These two groups of people stayed until halfway through the 100% cartoon previews. The two men snuck out one at a time, perhaps to avoid embarrassment? The women just got up and left, never to return. They must have thought it was weird that the theater was 80% small boys wearing Thomas the Train shirts. Who takes there toddlers to the Dark Knight? We got a good laugh over the whole situation.

Here is one of the pictures we took. We had to document Joshua's first movie experience, of course. The theater cleaning crew had to stand there and wait for us to finish snapping pics. Oops.

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