Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shopping is Fun again!

I love a good bargain, that is for sure and today I found some awesome ones.

CVS has Huggies jumbos for $8.88, wipes and other assorted baby products for $2, and if you spend $25 on Huggies products you get $5 in Extra Care Bucks. So let me break down what I got there with my $25.

2 jumbo packs of diapers(Reg 10.49 each)
2 boxes of baby wipes (Reg 3.50 each)
2 baby shampoo/body washes (Reg 3.50 each)
Full price of these would have been: 31.38
I got them for 11.76 with all my Huggies coupons and $6 in extra care bucks from last weeks Pampers sale. That my friends is 63% off! Yahoo!!
The bonus of course is that I have $5 in extra care bucks.

CVS also had some random stuff on sale for 90% off. My guess is that they had some stock that got tucked away in the backroom or something and was recently found. So I got some shampoo and allergy medicine for like $.50 each. Score!

One last random CVS fact, you don't have to buy the $25 all at once. I had to hit several stores to get the correct sizes and what not, and my rewards card kept track of how much I had spent toward the total. Right on, CVS!

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