Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From the mouth of babes

Three posts in one day! Wowee!

Here are funny things kids have said recently that I think are worth remembering.

In primary, the younger children were asked if you could get baptized when you were older than 8 years old. This confused them a bit because they are used to being told that they will get baptized when they turn 8. One boy raised his hand and said, "I think you can get baptized when you are older than 8 because I went to the baptism of that new lady a few weeks ago and she is WAY older than 8." (We had a convert baptized into our ward a few weeks ago and she is probably in her fifties.)

Ryan's coworker told Ryan this story. Coworker took his 4 year old soon to see a new cartoon move that just recently came out. His son really loved the movie and told his Dad that he really needed to get this movie for him. So as not to disappoint his son, the coworker obtained a screener copy of the movie and they took it with them on a camping trip so the young boy would have something to watch in the car.
As the boy is watching this movie in the car he says to his Dad, "This movie is still in the theaters. I shouldn't be watching it. You had better take it back to the store. "
You have to love a four year old with a strong moral compass.

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