Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dinner Accomplished

Last week we defrosted the deep freeze and besides having to throw out some REALLY old things, I got a good inventory of what is in there. I am horrible at planning ahead so I'm usually trying to defrost something last minute, or we're stuck with boxed Mac 'N Cheese or some other cop out type of meal.

I've decided to try meal planning in earnest. I am also expecting great benefits by fewer trips to the grocery store, less eating out, and less food waste as well. Scroll down to the bottom of my blog and you will see my dinner calendar thus far. Fancy, huh? I like it.

Here's what I have done and I think it would be so cool if someone else gave it a try too.
1. Go to
2. On the right there is a box that says "My calendars." Click on the link to Create a new calendar.
3. Name your calendar and put whatever info you want to. I pretty much left everything blank.
4. If you want to post your meal calendar on your blog you will need to select the option to Make This Calendar Public.
5. Get your settings and info how you want and then click the Create Calendar button
6. Now you are ready to rock and roll! Click on a day, type in what's for dinner, and click Create Event.
7. If you want to Edit Event Details, you could go so far as to put in a recipe or something like that.
8. Now it is time to share your calendar with your blogging audience. In the My Calendars box, click Settings.
9. Next, click on the name of your calendar.
10. From this screen scroll down to Embed this calendar. The default size is quite large, so click on the Customize the color, size, and other options link.
11. On this screen you can mess with the settings to your hearts desire. My calendar is about 500 by 400 I believe.
Hang in there we are almost there.
12. Now add it to your blog. In blogger, go to the Layout tab. Select Add a Gadget, I recommend above or below your posts.
13. Select HTML/Javascript and then paste in your code from the Google Calendar page.
14. Save in the bottom of the window, and you are all set.
15. Time to preview your blog and make any adjustments to size, or location as needed.

If you decide to do this, please let me know. I'd love to get some more dinner ideas.
Also, if needed I can do a proper tutorial with some screen shots. If you get stuck somewhere let me know!!

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