Thursday, March 8, 2007

J'dub is 14 months old!

Well J'dub is officially fourteen months old. My how time flies. Looks like those 1 year pictures might be turning into 18 month old pictures. :)

He isn't walking quite yet, but he is awfully close. We want him to have that sense of independence, but at the same time we think it is quite a task keeping up with him now.

In the last few weeks J'dub has started doing all sorts of new things like:
- clapping
- doing the actions to "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee."
- Quacking, baa-ing, and moo-ing. They all sound the exact same, but you know what he is doing.
- Handing over his pacifier when asked. (he still gets to use it at night)
- Tries to unbuckle his high chair when he is done.
- Some crazy new sound with his tongue. He is trying to roll his r's.
- He tries to unlock doors. He got a hold of my keys and was standing by the door trying to insert the key

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Ryan said...

I just thought that I would add to the list of things Joshua does. He also tries to talk on the telephone. He'll pick up the phone and hold it up to his ear. After that he gives us a look that makes me think he's asking what to do next. =) I have also found that this trick works with the remote controls. I guess if they are plastic and have a lot of buttons they must be a phone.


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