Friday, February 9, 2007

Busy week

This week was a pretty busy one. We got to go to Samantha's birthday dinner on Wednesday at Fuddrucker's. It was a lot of fun. J'dub enjoyed throwing his mac and cheese all over the floor and Samantha enjoyed licking the ranch off of her chicken strips.

J'dub had a bit of a tough week. He has/had a little cold or allergies. Runny nose and a small cough, but thankfully that is all.

This week J'dub climbed down the stairs a few times. It is quite darling. The process looks like this:
1. Sit on the edge of the step
2. Puts feet on the next step down
3. Stand up on next step down
4. Sit on the edge of that step
5. repeat
We'll get some pictures when we aren't so busy trying to coax him down or make sure he doesn't take a header.
Mama Bear has been spending all her free time working on designs for her laser-cut scrapbook cut-outs. Papa Bear gets to spend some time getting caught up on his video games and the like. It is a win-win-win situation.
With that I will say goodnight, and if you don't already watch The Office on NBC, you should. It is hilarious.

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