Friday, February 16, 2007

And he speaks!

J'dub has just started talking like crazy. It has previously been up for debate whether or not he is really saying Mama and actually referring to me. Well on Tuesday, he started saying "Thank you." Four different people have heard it and everyone agrees. He doesn't say it super clear, but you know that is what he is trying to do. It is super cute.
It all started because we play the Thank you came. He gives us something and we say "Thank you," then we hand it back to him. We go back and forth like that until he gets bored. Well now when we give him whatever the object of "thank you" is he says Thank you back to us.

That is quite an accomplish for one week, but he has really outdone himself. Today he started saying "burp." When I was changing his post-nap diaper he burped and I said "burp. " J'dub then said, "bup." His r's aren't quite there yet. I said burp again and he repeated it again.

With a start like this it will be most interesting to see what his next word are...

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