Thursday, November 19, 2009

Freezer Paper Stencil and the Laser

Back in April I think it was I posted some pictures of the Laser engraving machine that is residing at my house. Sadly I had only been doing the routine maintenance stuff and not really using it for crafty projects until recently.

Project 1 - the paper wreath. I found this tutorial here and decided it would be most helpful to laser cut the 64 leaves.

Project 2: Freezer Paper Stenciling. I have seen many tutorials recently on how to do it and while it looks cool, I was not prepared to cut out intricate details by hand. I'm a perfectionist and I knew I wouldn't be happy unless the stencils were perfect and I just don't think I could do it by hand. Inspiration struck and I spent the afternoon finding/prepping images to stencil and away I went.

Mr Robot there is actually silver, if you can't tell. I kept it pretty simple as this was my maiden voyage, but I'm so excited to do more!

I love it! I LOVE the laser too!

Here are some tutorials I have found useful in stenciling and painting fabric.
1. Lil Blue Boo - Freezer Paper Robot
2. Make and Takes - Fabric painting with Acrylic Paint

I learned some tricks I thought were neat, so if you need tips, let me know.


Our Blog said...

Wow - I've never considered the fact that I might actually NEED a laser!

Our Blog said...

A friend of mine has this blog - I think you'll enjoy looking at some of her ideas. Totally up your crafty alley!

Kendra@My Insanity said...

My son is having a robot party next month. Any chance I could get you to make a stencil like this for me to use for a shirt for him (and maybe his friends)? Is that just silver craft paint?

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