Friday, February 27, 2009

Declutter accomplished!

To get ready for this yard sale I have spent countless hours finding, sorting, organizing, and whatever else all of the kids outgrown clothes.

Here are the fruits of my labor . . .
Those are all the clothes/shoes/etc that I am trying to sell. All organized by size and gender.
I didn't take a picture, but the only stuff we are keeping for both kids was able to fit in one of those big totes, so I am pretty pleased.

Besides the toys I have been selling(rather unsuccessfully I might add) on Craigslist, I'm taking a few bags of clothes to some resellers. I'm hoping that the 2 hours I spent ironing will translate into a few extra $$.

Now to get all this stuff to Tempe, and be at my Mom's at like 5:30am tomorrow. She likes to start promptly at 6am. It will be a feat!

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